The ultimate and immediate goal is to integrate academic excellence with personality development, to help learners evolve themselves into well prepared citizens and leaders who can contribute towards achievements of self, family, society, nation and international arenas.


Mrs. Swetha Rajaram - Primary Coordinator (Class I to IV)

Mrs. Swetha holds a M. A and D. Ed degree. She has served as a pedagogue for more than a decade in nurturing, motivating and enriching young minds to unlock their hidden potentials and give them the wings of confidence to be inquisitive learners.

Mrs. Swetha focuses on helping her team to pursue limitless excellence. She is a steadfast leader who embraces changes required as per the need of students and take the initiative to bring these newer and effective methods and technologies to provide the best-in-class education.

Further, she focuses on inculcating respect for tradition and ensures discipline and good manners. She aims to mould the total personality of students by developing their minds, sharpening their intellects, nurturing their creativities, and above all enriching their character and imparting the values that make them as good human beings and responsible citizens of this country.

Mrs. Anusha Srinivasa - Nursery Coordinator

Mrs. Anusha, is a Science graduate and an ECCE degree holder and comes with an experience of successfully running a preschool and day care facility. She aims to nurture individual potential by providing them good nursery education with the main focus on teaching Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Language, Socio-emotional and Cognitive skills.

She opines that, Nursery education acts as the main foundation and is a must for every child for their developmental milestones.

She firmly believes that Nursery education is an indispensable instrument for the proper personality development of a child.

Early years of children are important because, the rate of growth and development is fastest and habits and attitudes acquired in the early childhood are fairly deep rooted.