Academic Staff

At VES, we believe that each employee contributes directly to the growth and success of the institution. Each member contributes positively and productively to the growth and development of the students and there by the development of the institution. Teachers are educators who are well qualified, experienced and committed in delivering the best. At VES we have a dynamic team of dedicated, highly qualified, well-experienced and committed teachers who plays a crucial role in shaping a child's personality, inducting positive thoughts, simulating analytical thinking and inculcating decision making ability.

We focus on professional development of teachers and teacher enrichment programs are a continuous and intensive part VES. This gives teachers firsthand experience of experiential learning and aims at developing right attitude, commitment to purpose, deep knowledge content, teaching strategies and skills.

As a part of the professional development and teacher enrichment programs, several in-house workshops are conducted periodically by the Academic coordinators and staff members across all levels.

Teachers are advised to regularly interact with parents which fosters parental involvement in the child's academics and overall development.

Academic staff list for the year 2018-19

1 Mrs. Shanthi V PRINCIPAL M.Sc., MHRM, B.Ed
2 Ms. Jayashree H V ADMINISTRATOR M.A., MLisc., M.B.A-HR, RPU-DBHPS, (B.E.D)
S.No Name Designation Qualification Photo
1 Mrs. K. Shailaja Asst Teacher B.A., B.Ed
2 Mr. Krishna Hegde Asst Teacher M.A., B.Ed
3 Mrs. Mangalamba.S.K Asst Teacher B.A., B.Ed
4 Mrs. Prathibha Srihari Bhat Asst Teacher M.A. B.Ed.
5 Mrs. Parvathamma.G.N Asst Teacher B.A., TCH
6 Mrs. Dinymol A C Asst Teacher MSc., B.Ed
7 Mr. Rohith Kumar K T Asst Teacher M.A. B.Ed
8 Mrs. Veena.S.R Asst Teacher B.Sc., B.Ed
9 Mrs. Prameela B Asst Teacher M.A. B.Sc. B.Ed
10 Mrs. Yashaswini.R Asst Teacher B.A. B.Ed
11 Ms. Rekha N Asst Teacher M.A, B.Ed
12 Mrs. Sushma S Asst Teacher B.Sc. B.Ed
13 Mrs. Shilpa T Asst Teacher M.Sc., B.Ed
14 Mrs. Akshatha C H Asst Teacher B.E
15 Mrs. Rashmi N Asst Teacher M.Sc., B.Ed
16 Ms. Veena Viswanathan Asst Teacher M.Sc., Bio Tech
17 Mrs. Komala A Asst Teacher M.Sc, B.Ed
18 Mr. Vinod G S Computer Teacher MSC (IT)
19 Mr. Deeksha S Dinakar Asst Teacher M.Sc
20 Ms. Ashwini Benehal Asst Teacher M.Sc, B.Ed
S.No Name Designation Qualification Photo
21 Smt. Swetha Rajaram Primary Coordinator  M.A., D.Ed
22 Mrs. Manjula S Asst. Teacher B. A., B. Ed
23 Mrs. Sharmila Murali Asst. Teacher B. Com., DCH (MA)
24 Mrs. Krishna Kumari Asst Teacher B.A
25 Ms. Divya R Asst. Teacher B. Com
26 Mrs. Mamatha B U Asst. Teacher B.A., NTT
27 Ms. Supriya S Asst. Teacher M.A
28 Mrs. Yashaswini V L Asst. Teacher M.Sc
29 Mrs. Prameela P Asst. Teacher M.Sc, B.Ed
30 Mrs. Priyanka L Asst. Teacher M.Sc, B.Ed
31 Smt. Anusha Srinivas Nursery Coordinator BSc, ECCE
32 Mrs. Sheela Sudheendra Asst. Teacher PUC., ECD
33 Mrs.Anuradha R Acharya Asst. Teacher B. Com, NTT
34 Mrs. Deeksha D Shetty Asst. Teacher Dip in CS, NTT
35 Mrs. Srujana Asst Teacher B.Sc
36 Ms. Arpitha G Asst Teacher B.Sc
37 Mrs. Geetha N Asst Teacher PUC, NTT
38 Mrs. Chandrakala G Asst. Teacher B. A., NTT
39 Mrs. Sindhu G S Music Teacher B.Sc.,Music
40 Mr. Anjaiah.G.T PE Teacher P.U.C., C.P.Ed