Additional Academic Programs

VES has adapted the XSEED curriculum for Nursery division till Grade II. This is a proven and research based academic program that builds thinking skills & problem solving confidence in children.

XSEED curriculum is activity based and children are more inquisitive and independent. This aids students progress as they have application practice workbooks for every subject in addition to textbook, assessment is done based on skills in addition to concepts.

XSeed focuses on:

  • AIM: Clarify the outcome of every lesson so students know beforehand what they will learn.
  • ACTION: Perform an activity to experience concepts first-hand & understand their use and application in real life.
  • ANALYSIS: Reflect on the experience & ask probing questions to uncover and understand the concept further.
  • APPLICATION: Practice solving real world problems in the workbook to solidify understanding and build skills.
  • ASSESSMENT: Get real-time feedback across conceptual understanding, applied thinking & English language fluency in order to improve performance.


To aid learning through understanding and that the education lasts for a lifetime as a tool to help them in all their endeavors, VES has introduced an interactive study program called Mindspark, an initiative by the EI (Educational Initiatives) group .

Mindspark is a computer-based adaptive learning system which primarily uses questions to help children learn. The questions are ‘finely-graded’ which helps students learn Maths by employing a constructivist theory of learning by answering questions that are appropriate to their current understanding.

Questions are specially designed to test understanding and to help students clear misconceptions.


Abacus is considered the most effective way to initiate math for young children and sharpen math skills.

Learning abacus provides stimulations that are socially responsive and intellectually congruent for the growth of brain cells.

It promotes multisensory integration and also helps in academic performance of students by elevating memory and attention span. The school facilitates abacus programs after school hours for interested students.

The abacus program enables students comprehend and establish strong mind math skills.