Age criteria:

The age criteria for Montessori classes start from 2 years and 10 months and subsequently follows for other classes.

Admission procedure:

Direct admissions are made for students for the Nursery level if students qualify the age criteria.

From Grade I onwards, students are required to write an entrance test and based on the performance of the entrance test, admissions will be granted.

Parents are required to duly fill in the application form and submit all the relevant documents (Birth certificate, TC, previous school's report card if applicable and Aadhar card) along with 4 passport size photographs of the students.

Promotion Rules

For promotion, the performance of students in all the continuous and comprehensive evaluations of the year, rather than performance in the final evaluation alone, is considered. Principal decision is final in all aspects.


Intimation of withdrawal of a student from the school should be given in the prescribed form to the Principal, at least one month in advance and request for TC should be made by 1st of April.

TC on withdrawal will be issued only when all the dues to the school have been cleared. All fees up to and including the month in which the TC has been requested for, shall be payable.